Masterplanned for greater operational efficiency, the buildings interconnect to give even the largest multinational a more seamless experience, enabling staff to collaborate more effectively.

Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive features of Camden Yard that few developments in the capital can match.

Recognising the social responsibility of modern enterprise, Camden Yard is designed for the conscientious in business. More sustainable business practices are a necessity, as too are new workplace layouts.

Camden Yard has one of the highest energy efficiency, digital connectivity and wellness standards in Dublin. Smart technologies throughout culminate in world-class workspaces that prioritise better health and wellbeing.

Generous interiors with circadian lighting highlight an inherent understanding of the environmental factors that benefit people at work, while vibrant rooftop terraces and public spaces ensure safer collaboration, giving your staff greater peace of mind.

At every opportunity, Camden Yard makes nature part of the campus experience. Respecting the benefits of biophilic design, St. Kevin’s Park is neatly integrated, giving this versatile development a sense of place with this local landmark.

Camden Yard Sustainability

Camden Yard is designed to exceed the expectations of today’s modern office occupier and address their future needs.

Some of these highlights include:

  • Landmark office HQ
  • Four distinct receptions
  • Grade A specification throughout
  • Highly efficient and adaptable floor plates
  • Design occupancy of 1 person per 8m2
  • Impressive atrium
  • Floor-to-ceiling glazing
  • Large terrace areas on upper floors
  • Premium quality toilet facilities
  • 26 male shower and 26 female shower units
  • Country club-standard locker rooms
  • Drying rooms
  • 1,000 secure bicycle parking spaces

Disability access certificates and fire safety certificates will be coordinated with the planning drawings prior to lodgement to ensure compliance with the building regulations.